Get Lean & Healthy with the Ketogenic diet

Customized personal ketogenic nutrition plans.

In recent years I have helped hundreds of people in The Netherlands to lose weight in a responsible and effective way, without feeling hungry. I do this by creating customized personal ketogenic nutrition plans and guiding people in developing a healthy lifestyle.

This program is suitable for all ages and lifestyles; whether you like to work out and be active al day or rather have a lazy lifestyle. I will make sure the program fits to your personal needs so you will get the results you desire.

Because of the big success of this method, I am translating my program to English in order to help more people live a healthy, happy life.

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Health Benefits

    • Effective and healthy method of burning body fat; by following the plan your body will quickly get into a state of ketosis and become a Fat-Burning-Machine.
    • Better sleep quality; you will fall asleep easier, wake up less during the night, and feel more rested in the morning.
    • Increased energy levels; more energy during the day and increased mental clarity.
    • Improved blood levels: numerous of the people that participated in my program reported significantly improved blood levels after being tested.
    • Decreased of medication dependency. For example: Participants with type 2 diabetes who need to take less or no medication & Participants who no longer suffer from heartburn do not have to take heartburn.
    • Decrease of physical complaints and illnesses. For example: Less or no more painful joints. Carbohydrates and sugars cause inflammation in the body, this causes gout and joint pains.

These are just some of the many health benefits that the Ketogenic diet can offer.